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Ep. 30: Lynnette Marrero, SpeedRack & your hard work

SpeeRack Houston was a super fun event that had a packed house that was there for a fun and exiting event!...

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Ep. 29: Matt Carrizales whiskey, beer & travel

Matt is someone that I have gotten to know over the last couple of years. He is always fun to talk...

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Ep. 28: Coffe Shops, Espresso Martini & the 3rd Space

SACC is in full effect this week (Jan 14-20, 2019) When at a bartender conference remember to remember the stories. Lately...

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Ep. 27: What is pisco?

Johnny Schuler is one of pisco’s most ardent advocates is the Master Distiller to La Caravedo Pisco (formerly Porton Pisco). Pisco...

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Ep 26: New Year New Me

New year means all sort of changes that will usher a phase of growth….except for my favorite cocktail. New year or...

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Ep 25: Whiskey sour, egg or no egg?

How do you make a whiskey sour the right way? Will you be going to SACC? Have you had rhum agricole?

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T. Cole Newton

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